Why New York City Cemetery Research and Photography?


Because it is estimated that up to forty percent of the present population of the U.S.A. had ancestors who, at one time, lived here in New York City. Many of these  immigrant ancestors stayed in New York, and raised their first generation American children here. Their children went far and wide, but many of the immigrants stayed here for the remainder of their lives. Our New York City Cemeteries became final resting places for many of these folks. 

If you are interested in seeing your ancestor's final resting place, but cannot find the time and expense of coming to New York City to find their gravesite and take a few snapshots to add to your genealogy collection or computer software, I can help you.........

I can go to your ancestor's gravesite, take one, or a series of photos for you, and transcribe the engravings on their headstone (if one exists at the site) for you. It is well known that headstone inscriptions can sometimes reveal secrets that other genealogy sources simply never had recorded. Sometimes (rarely) the inscription will give clues as to the Birthplace of your relative. Other times, the stone may give insight into family relationships that were not understood before. This information is on the headstone, but in most cases, the Cemetery records do not even indicate that there is a stone marking the grave. Certainly, they do not have any gravestone inscriptions recorded for researchers. If a researcher is interested, they must pay a visit to the gravesite themselves.

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